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The Eco-Rider Story

The Eco-Rider story first began when our director was searching for a safe and fun quad bike that his son could enjoy. Initially, after researching petrol quad bikes, he discovered that they were noisy, dirty, fragile, expensive and as the list of cons went on and on, he realised these were certainly not appropriate for children.

This was until he discovered the wonderful world of battery-powered quads; there would be no noise or pollution, no hot parts, very little maintenance and above all they’d be much safer to ride.

This discovery opened out a whole new world of exciting electric ride ons, which is when our first business exclusively selling kids quads was born.

Over the years, we’ve learnt more and more about our product range, both from a safety and technological point-of-view, which is where our vision for a variety of adult and working quads began.

Eco-Rider is designed to provide a more advanced range of electric ride on, from working quads to mobility and quads for dads, which are specially picked using our highly-attuned selection criteria, which have refined with many years of experience in the business.

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